If you have been in Eugene for the past couple of weeks like I have, you've experienced the torrential rain fall! These are the days where I sit in my car and think "why don't I live some place warm and sunny?" and dred the next time I have to step out side. 

Well if you are anything like me sometimes you need a reminder as to why rain might be a good thing. Here is a list written by greenermums.com listing off the reason why rain is great! I hope you enjoy it and it fills your half empty cup (of rain water). 

My reasons to love the rain

(aka – a lesson in seeing the glass as half full – rather than half empty – please feel free to add any more you can think of!)

1) It saves us a trip to the car wash – I am living proof of this having only taken my car to be cleaned once in the past year...! (Today’s rain will no doubt wash away the imprint of my cats’ muddy paws from the front of my car…).

2) It waters our plants and trees and most importantly farmers’ crops, etc. and is thus life-giving.

3) It keeps our lawns looking nice and green (or in my case the parts of the lawn that have grass on it!!).

4) It cools down the Earth, thus lowering the temperature (which is a good thing on an environmental level!).

5) It’s the perfect excuse for digging out our ‘oh-too-brightly colored’ rain boots.

6) You get to showcase your new umbrella – for me this is my new clear dome-shaped brolly as inspired by my good friend Mary :-).

7) It gives us puddles to jump in and a welcome excuse to be child-like – or  if we can’t bear to get wet/muddy at least the kids can enjoy a good splashabout.

8) It means we don’t have to make an excuse not to go out at the weekend if all we feel like doing is sitting around indoors.

9) Rainy days are great for going to the movies or taking the kids to a museum.

10) It makes you really appreciate the sunshine when it finally arrives, thus inspiring you to get out and about and make the most of it.

11) It flushes the ground of accumulated toxins and waste.

12) Less risk of skin cancer.

13) It can be therapeutic to watch the rain trickling down the window or listen to the gentle pitter patter of raindrops (there’s a song in there somewhere ;-)) – although this obviously only applies if you are nice and warm inside somewhere.

14) We get to dress our children up in those super cute all-in-one outfits when they’re little or funky rain boots and rain jackets when they’re older which makes for fab photo opportunities and thus memories.

15) We are grateful for it when there is a water shortage as rainfall refills our reservoirs which means we can use our hoses and sprinklers – hurrah.

16) Rainbows!! (okay you need the sun for this too- but without the rain…no rainbows…)