This weekend is Memorial day weekend. In case you forgot don’t worry, I understand, you are a busy person. That shouldn’t stop you from having fun this weekend! Sunset Magazine has put together a list of four things to do when you plan your camping trip last minute. These are great ideas that most may not think or even know of!

“4 Tips for Last-minute Memorial Day Camping

by: Megan McCrea

1. Set your sights on a smaller park

All right, so this isn’t the weekend for Yosemite. But it could be a great time to check out a regional or municipal park. These parks—which aren’t part of the state or national park system—don’t fill as quickly as their top-billing counterparts, but they’re no less stunning…

2. Head for the forest

Almost all of the national forests, from Sierra National Forest near Yosemite to Mt. Hood National Forest, contain campgrounds that do not require advanced reservations: a procrastinator’s dream come true! What these national forest campgrounds may lack in amenities (e.g. electrical hookups, flush toilets), they make up for in scenery.

3. Check out the BLM lands

The Bureau of Land Management oversees a great deal of western wilderness (including, famously, the Black Rock Desert) with an eye to preserving these wild places for present and future generations. And the present generation can appreciate their camping policy—no reservations!..

4. Pray for a cancellation

If you have your heart set on camping in, say, Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, and you won’t take no for an answer, you can always head to your campground of choice and hope for a cancellation or a no-show. While the Internet may show the campground as fully booked, you might arrive to find out that someone canceled at the last minute. Regardless of appearances, do check with a park ranger before swooping in on a (seemingly open) site.

Most importantly, if you’re hoping to score a walk-in or a no reservation spot, arrive early! You’ll want to head out Friday morning to increase your chances of scoring that choice spot. After all, you aren’t the only procrastinator out there.

Want more no reservations camp spots? Check out our guide to last minute camping.”


I hope these ideas helped you out and sparked some inspiration for what you might do this Memorial day weekend. Have a fun and safe weekend everyone!