Here in Eugene we are fortunate enough to have a plethora of fresh fruits and veggies right at our finger tips! If you drive twenty minutes in any direction, you’ll see some sort of farm or fresh food stand. The issue with that is not all of us have time to drive out twenty minutes and go look for our favorite food stand or farm. That’s where Eugene’s local markets come in handy. By supporting local markets you’re supporting more than the store your buying from, you’re supporting your community and encouraging them to thrive!


The following list is just some of the great local Markets Eugene has for you.   


Winter Market

8th & Oak, Park Street Blocks

Saturday, 10am–2pm, February 7th–March 28th


Thursday Farmers Market

8th & Oak



The OG Corner Market

Tuesday–Friday, 12pm–6pm, April–December

Wednesday, 12pm–6pm year-round

295 River Rd


Marketplace at Sprout!

Fridays, 3pm–7pm, year-round

418 A Street, Sprout! Regional Food Hub

Downtown Springfield


Capella Market

2489 Willamette St

Eugene OR 97405


The Kiva

125 W. 11th Ave.

Eugene OR 97401


Sundance Natural Foods

748 E. 24th Ave.

Eugene OR 97405


Provisions Market Hall 

In Eugene’s 5th Street Public Market.


Shop Local, by benefiting your community you are benefiting yourself!