As we all know next week is thanksgiving time where we remember and give thanks for the blessings in our life. From the broad, appreciating our country and the Pilgrims that traveled here, to the specific, our family and friends. We take this one day out of the year to really appreciate and acknowledge all the good things in our life.


We take one day a year to appreciate people? I hope that’s not the case, I hope we try and appreciate the people in our life even when we don’t have to. People are doing great things for us every day, it could be saying hello and asking how your day is to buying you lunch, people are always spreading kindness. Let us do our part to help perpetuate that, let us try harder to reciprocate that kindness for others. Below is a list of five great and easy ways to show kindness this year and forever. Please, don’t limit yourself to my list, go out and show kindness in the ways you know best!   



When someone does something nice for us, it’s natural to pay that generosity forward. If the person in front of you at your favorite coffee place buys your coffee, say “thanks” and pay their generosity forward by buying coffee for the person behind you.

WRITE A NOTE                                                                                                                                

Nothing expresses gratitude better than a heartfelt, handwritten note card. You don’t have to be a poet or have perfect penmanship. Just write from the heart and say why you’re thankful.


Brighten someone’s day and show you appreciate them with a bouquet of flowers or a colorful, easy-to-care-for plant, such as lavender, aloe, jade, ferns and snake plant. All of these plants are resilient in case the recipient doesn’t have a green thumb


Gift cards are ideal for those you may not know well, but have some ideas about their daily life. If they’re into cooking, get them a gift card from the local kitchen store. If you know the person spends a lot of time in their car zipping around town, get them a gift card from a local coffee shop so they can enjoy a beverage on the go


If someone did something nice for you, return the favor. Did a neighbor pick up your newspaper and mail while you were gone on vacation? Pick up their newspaper and mail when they go on vacation, or offer to lend a hand if you see they need help.

Have a wonderful Thanks Giving every one and remember to show some love.