This is our Third installment of our Living in Eugene blog posts, bringing you the best that Eugene has to offer! This week we are going to highlight some of the best coffee shops (well some of our favorites at least) in Eugene. All these shops have started in Eugene and in most cases serve Eugene based coffee beans, if not roast their own beans. Now don’t be fooled, these aren’t your stop and go side of the road stands, these coffee shops take time to give you a delicious and enjoyable coffee experience.  

Tailored Coffee Roasters | 291 E. 5th Ave.

Monday to Sunday 8am – 5pm

Tailored not only Makes great espresso, they also roast their own beans. Their goal is to make coffee taste like coffee, lightly roasting the beans in order to keep the flavor.  

The Wandering Goat Coffee Company | 268 Madison St.

Monday to Wednesday 6am – 11pm, Thursday to Saturday 6am – 12am, Sunday 6am – 10pm

The Wandering Goat roasts their own coffee as well, but that’s not what makes them significant. Sitting right outside of the Whitaker District The Wandering Goat is the coffee shop representation of Eugene’s culture and fun.

Vero Espresso House | 205 E. 14th Ave.

Monday to Sunday 7am – 7pm

You may not find an espresso shop quite a quaint and neatly kept as Vero. A couple blocks down from U of O campus, Vero is something out of a Movie, with aged trees hanging over the porch. On a sunny day this is just the spot to drink a cold brew coffee or Iced chai and relax.

Coffee Plant Roaster | 2836 W. 11th

Monday to Saturday 6am – 6pm, Sunday 7am – 6pm

Coffee Plant roaster is another one, of the many in Eugene, that roasts their own coffee beans. Not only that, but they serve great teas and raw juices. Coffee Plant Roaster, wants to give you a great comforting experience, whether you drink coffee or not.

The Barn Light |West Loaction: 924 Willamette St. & East Location: 545 E 8th Ave.

West Location: Monday to Wednesday 7am – 12am, Thursday to Friday 7am – 2am, Sunday 9am – 10pm

East Location: Monday to Thursday 8am – 9 pm, Friday 8am – 12am, Saturday 3pm -12am, Closed Sundays

With two Locations one downtown and one by the courthouse the Barn Light serves up the best experience in coffee. As well as serving coffee in the morning and afternoons The Barn Light is also a bar, whether your there for a late night get together with your friend’s study session, The Barn Light is the place to be.


Brails espresso | 1695 Willamette St.

Monday to Friday 7am – 5pm, Sunday & Saturday 8am – 5pm 

Across the way from the Restaurant of the similar name, Brails Espresso is the go to for an early morning cup of joe or an afternoon get together with an old friend. The big windows and the light “coffee house music” in the background make for a great at-home-feeling. You can always be confident that the cup of coffee you are drinking was made with care and will be delicious.



These are just some of the great coffee shops in Eugene, but don’t take my word for it. Go out and experience these things for yourself, who knows maybe you’ll find your favorite shop or restaurant that you didn’t even know was there.